It started with Harper and his constant cuts to programs that were designed to offer support to women.  Then along comes Alward and decides that the Atlantic Council on the Status of Women will be defunded, and when it was pointed out to the minister responsible that it was against the law, SHE then said that the intention was to amend the law so that it was not necessary.

It is becoming increasingly obvious by watching various Con governments that they only see two positions that they truly want to see women, in the bedroom or in the kitchen.  As far as hearing what they say the cons obviously don’t believe that women have a right to be heard.

This type of thinking was supposed to have gone out in the 1600s, but it seems that todays conservatives are working extremely hard to return women to the place that the Cons believe that women belong.

It is actually surprising to me that anyone in this day and age could actually pull these kinds of stunts but realistically we should have known when we have watched these Con governments for years do everything they could to drive us back to the stone age.

Realistically with the attempts to reverse progress that has been made on human rights over the centuries, I would not be that surprised to hear rumours that the conservatives were considering reinstituting slavery