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Autism Platform

Autism is a debilitating mental disease with a few disturbing trends.
1/ it’s cause is found to be 2% genetic.
2/ the remaining 98% is unknown but believed to be environmental
3/ there is no known cure but there is treatment that can make the disease manageable in most
4/ those with autism can live a full normal lifespan
5/ one in 100 children born have autism the large percentage of that boys
6/ in the last 20 years autism cases have increased by over 60%
It can be treated and those who suffer it can live as long as a normal person.
This means that if someone has the disease and is not treated they can require constant care 24/hrs a day for as much as 70-80 years. This care would require a person trained to deal specifically with autistic patients and each carer can only deal with one person at any one time.
With treatment many of these individuals can lead lives that are close to normal and in some cases can be extremely productive. Two examples of extremely productive Autistic individuals are Albert Einstein and Temple Grandin (an animal treatment expert and public speaker). It is also believed that many comedians are either autistic or ADHD though one of the best examples who I believe is closest to autism  is Adam Sandler.
So with treatment we know they can be productive and in some cases extremely productive. And yet almost all governments prefer to ignore these individuals and their disease with very few providing sufficient resources to properly treat this disease.
Treatment of Autism is done through a program called ABA therapy. A one on one behavioural therapy that in some cases can result in those treated being able to function almost fully in society.
PANB recommends
1/ All autistic children have access to 4 hours a day of ABA training through to kindergarten.
2/ All autistic children have access to 1-2 hours a day of ABA training through all school years until graduation either from high school or university as part of their standard school day.
3/ All autistic children should be taught in school using ABA methods by ABA trained TA’s as this is proven to improve their learning ability
4/ The creation of both an Adult care facility and a Youth care facility be built in Fredericton in conjunction with the Stan Cassidy Center which will care for those Autistic individuals who can no longer be cared for by the normal caregivers of these individuals. This care should focus on multiple facets but should include ABA training to create the possibility that even adults could potentially be helped by ABA be given that opportunity.
5/ All autistic individuals even after graduation should have access to ABA training for short term or long term if there ability to function properly in society diminishes or disappears for any reason.
6/ An attempt to find a further cure and treatment options should be continued through partnership with the Universities in this province, The Stan Cassidy centre and the Federal government
7/ As it has been determined by various parents of autistic children that not in all situations does full integration work with ALL autistic children, A program should be put in place that would allow parents and resource workers as well as TA’s to work together to create a modified part time integrated program that would better meet the needs of the individual student if the situation warrants this.
8/ changes to the disability benefit to allow staggering levels of benefit that recognizes the level of care required as well as the requirements to replace property increasingly due to high increase in breakage due to rocking behaviours etc common amongst autistic children.
9/ Summer autism camps during school breaks should be made available to allow children the ability to socialize with those like themselves amongst trained carers.
It should be realized that both the Liberals and Conservatives were made aware as far back as 2005 of the necessity of a Care Facility in this province when it was made public during the Conservative  years of that time that we were being forced to send those individuals with autism that required long term care to Maine to be housed there as we had no facilities in this province. The conservatives of the time had no interest in developing a treatment center.
During this period the Liberals were vocal in their disapproval of the fact our citizens were being cared for out of country due to no facilities in this province however their dedication to this file was shown during the recent 4 years when no attempt at creating a long term care facility was done regardless of repeated requests.
John Foran was aware of a case in 2005 where a youth was housed at the Miramichi Youth Centre under the direct care of 2 carers from a private company at the cost of 700$ a day because we did not have the facilities in this province to properly house him and from there he was transferred to Maine because the Conservatives would not address this lack of facility.
And yet during the entire 4 year mandate of the liberals not one thing was done to change this lack of care centres either.
PANB is the only party that will push for a drastic improvement to how these autistic individuals in our care are treated.

So it appears that CTV Atlantic has not offered the opportunity to the PANB or to the Green Party to participate in the televised leaders debate.
Now i understand we are new but to be so scared that the innovation of the new party will engage the voters that you don’t invite them to the debate seems childish and almost playground bullying.
We have been aware for a while that the Libs and Cons are not thrilled with our innovative thoughts of actually talking to our constituents between elections.  And we know that the fact that the PANB intends on actually letting their members follow the wishes of their constituents completely scares the shit out of them.
But to resort to the tactics of trying to stop their message from getting through to the electorate is almost laughable.
I guess now we know how scared the two main parties are and we know that fear has translated to the on air and off air personalities in various media who strongly support either one party or the other.
And it should be noted that some on air personalities have gotten so bad that unless they are hammered with the information live they are almost refusing to mention this party at any time in their political discussion.
So while I am concerned that the people will not hear the true message our party has to offer I am also completely amused that we have in 6 months caused this level of fear that we are being blocked from participating in on air leaders debates because people are scared that once the public hears us they might actually demand the same accountability out of the other parties and that will so seriously damage the level of control insiders and the party leaders hold while they tell their people exactly how to answer any given question.

Is There a Message Here: Damaged Election Signs


There is a great bit of disgust over the high amount of damage being done to election signs this year and I do actually share that disgust.

That said I wonder if some members of the public are trying to send a message. In usual years you would get a few trashed signs and the almost guaranteed moustache or goatee however this year it has gone far beyond that costing some candidates over 1000 dollars to replace damaged signs as well as the volunteer hours to do this.

My question is this. Are some members of the public trying to express their disgust with the party/individual in question or are they questioning the polling numbers showing such strong support for the two main parties. It is hard to say and in reality that could be the problem as the message at the door says the libs and cons should both be toast on the 28th yet the polling numbers are saying different.

There is one disturbing set of incidents with some Riverview signs that as far as I am concerned is likely not related to this type of mindset at all but a rather far more problematic issue of either personal dislike for a candidate or a personal dislike of women candidates in general though if the last was true i would expect that the damage would have carried farther into Moncton and Dieppe where there are also women candidates running and equally or even slightly more high profile.

Basically if you factor out the Riverview incidents as being separate and specific to that candidate or area the remainder of the sign damage issues appear directed at individuals or party members either for disgust at the individual or party or perhaps to show disagreement for the polling numbers.

As far as i am concerned the Riverview issue is by definite a legal issue that needs to be dealt with by the police as the issues shown by the damage done to those specific signs are incredibly disturbing.

But parties take note the vast majority of the sign damage is likely due to low impressions of the party/individual by some voters in that area