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It appears that to some degree yesterday and definitely today the phone calls have been ongoing

Several people on twitter are complaining that both PC’s and Liberals are calling voters today trying to drum up support

This is in blatant violation of the Elections Act and should show people just how much they care about the people in this province.

They have absolutely no concern for the voters or for the law and this will show you just how much they will care for their promises once the election is over and votes are counted.

I do not know what the penalty is for this type of violation but several ridings are involved to the best of what i can determine on Twitter.

The time has come to ask ourselves some harsh questions

1. Does the obvious voter manipulation by the media, by ignoring two parties during an election campaign while covering the large majority of the campaign of another party and reporting on every breath and bite of food by the remaining two, amount to illegal campaign donations.

Here is the logic. If all parties are not treated equally by the media then it stands to reason that the extra coverage given amounts to paid advertising. Now since to my knowledge no party has paid for the “news coverage” of their election campaign this must therefore be a donation by the Networks in question. Now to calculate the value of this donation all you need to do is find the value of any 30 second commercial in this particular timeslot and multiply it by the amount of time the “advertisement” runs. If you add it up at the end of the campaign i expect you will see the two main parties received “donations” way in excess of the 6000 dollar limit imposed by the elections act. This would apply equally to “news broadcasts” and “round tables or debates”

2. Does this acceptance of these “illegal campaign donations” constitute an over expenditure by the parties in question. As in addition to accepting the “illegal campaign donation” they also have “spent” that “donation” by accepting a different level of media coverage of themselves over other parties.

3. does this voter manipulation in some way actually contravene the elections act by fraudulently denying the public the opportunity to hear the views and platforms of all parties who are running candidates in the election

Vote With Your Heart but Vote You Must

On September 27, 2010 we will head to the polls, and this time more then any it is time to put plotting aside and look to your deepest heart.

Every vote in this election will count, whether it be the vote for one of the two mainstream parties or the vote for one of the three other parties all contesting for seats in this election. This time every person in the province really should vote. If you can’t stand Shawn Graham, look through all the other 4 parties platforms and choose the one that best suits you. If David Alward scares you that badly, look through all the other 4 parties platforms and choose the one that best suits you. Realistically when only 60% of the province votes as a general rule then if everyone votes all options are really and truly open. Look at everyone and every thing, choose the party or choose the local candidate whose views best match your own and take now as the opportunity to learn everything you can because in just under a week one of the most important days in reshaping the future of this province will be upon you.

Stand up and be counted. More importantly make your voice heard loud and clear. If you think the two mainstream parties are really no different then each other and that is your reason not to vote then look at the rest of the parties and choose one of them.

Every person that stays home without voting is blindly casting their lot for the status quo. Even if the minor parties do not win the election overall every vote that goes to one of those parties is a direct message to the mainstream parties that we are no longer going to continue to support the status quo. If enough people stand up to be counted and enough people vote for change, even if it does not end in a complete change in government it will send a message to strong to be ignored


Stand up and let your message be heard

Is This the Year to Vote Your True Intentions

When recent polling numbers are looked at we see Conservatives holding a 10 Point lead on the Liberals and perhaps as much as a 20 seat lead in the legislature.

What this actually means is that those who over the years have constantly been voting against the party they wanted not to form government by voting for the other strong party really does have a new option. With 5 parties involved in this election and this dramatic a lead for the Conservatives it is high time voters started to ask themselves “is this the year I vote my true convictions” and the answer really is “yes”

The reason is that going with your true party leanings will affect the vote in a few ridings and it will likely put a presence for each of the three remaining parties into the legislature. It will likely draw support from both main parties meaning that in the end it should not affect the overall split between them to significantly as the Liberals who can readily see the loss coming, as well as the Conservatives who readily see a win coming will retain a base level of support that will be likely on par with what is presently seen in the polls. The only true difference will be the increase in presence for the minor parties which will lead to a stronger voice in the legislature for those who are looking to make a difference.

PANB has seats that are definitely in play and each of the other parties have candidates that could take their ridings with a shift in voting practices from voting “against” to voting “for” and this election with such a wide margin between the two main parties is an ideal year to let your true feeling show.


Panb Candidates Are All In Play

I have been looking around for the past couple of days and I have noticed a few little details.

We first started seeing a renewed interest in our candidates and platforms with the release of our Energy Platform and then things started to pick up even more when we released our Autism Platform yesterday morning.

But last night we blew things out of the water during the Leaders debate.

From what i have been hearing and seeing on various boards, blogs, and twitter it appears that more and more people are checking us out.

What is even more impressive is that from what i am hearing between those who are planning on voting for us and those who are leaning that direction if they thought we could take that individual seat we seem to be in play in every riding that we have a candidate in and not surprisingly we even seem like we would be in play in a few where we don’t have candidates.

So this message is for two groups.

To the candidates our message is getting out and it is being well received.

To those who are voting for us and those who are thinking of voting for us we thank you for your support because it really appears that on the 27th your vote will not be wasted it looks like we will have a voice in Fredericton and it looks like we will have more then one

You are asking for change, you are voting for change and we are going to give you change