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It Has Been an Interesting Week

Over the run of the last week most of the higher ranking members of our party and our most visible candidate have been subject to what can only be termed (hopefully) as an extremely unlucky coincidence of problems

It started with our President being hit first with a double whammy when there was a review of their pension followed by a complete loss of internet. While the pension review is an annoyance now, it will be quickly solved and moved past however the internet is becoming a problem as they tries to change providers and finding it will take over  a week to get back online

We follow by having our Executive director lose their phone line to some form of damage and being informed it will take at least a week for that to be fixed.

We move on then to our VP who had their complete bank account cleaned out in a card skimming fraud scheme. This will take between one to two weeks to clear up and have funds returned.

Then we move on to our leader having the office line for the party lost to some form of damage and being told it was going to take most of a week to return it to service.

Lastly one of our candidates was informed that a long term client would no longer be requiring their services.

If someone was a bit paranoid it would not take much of a stretch to look at this weeks luck and think that perhaps someone was attempting to remove this party from contention by blunt force.

The question then would be who would be that scared of us they would go to that degree of hassle to try to cut the head of the party off from its members


That said the large majority of these issues are being dealt with in stride and we move on quickly and without any serious damage to release even more nominations and more riding associations as we move closer to preparing for our next election

An Interesting Trend is Developing

I am finding more and more as we get closer and closer to the drop of the writ for the Sept 27,2010 election here that there is an interesting trend occurring. This trend is the increasing amount of discussion over language rights and sign language laws in this province.


I am not certain exactly certain what the point is of this being an issue for one side the other i understand why they want it to be an issue however i do not feel that even they would be best served by making it an issue either.


On one hand we have the Anglo Society which wants nothing less then the complete elimination of bilingualism in this province. This has less than no chance of succeeding as the Human Rights act has been written in such a way as to include NB bilingualism meaning that only a court order or a change at the federal level could eliminate this from our lives. So while i see why they would love to have this as a feature in this election and they feel that a position in their favour by any party could sway significant votes to that party, no party will touch it because they have no hope of changing it and outside of a extremely vocal minority there is very little support for it. Any party grasping on to this position could probably gain a seat or two maybe even up to four in the south east portion of the province however they would lose major support in other areas. It is a position that could change the face of an election but for the party that took their position not likely for the better.


On the other hand we have the group from Quebec that is pushing bilingual sign laws. This group will find little to no benefit in any way from this becoming an election issue. Unless they are being paid by a local party to stir up trouble in the approach to an election there is nothing to be gained by forcing this issue into an election issue. Any party that supports them will gain seats in francophone regions of the province while any party that does not support them yet is careful in choosing their position will see almost zero impact on their vote share. That said a poorly chosen position will that does not support them will cause a negative effect in francophone regions of the province.


There is very little to be gained by either group in pushing this issue into an election issue however one may not recognize that fact.


What would better serve anglophone New Brunswicker’s would be for a group to appear that was not against bilingualism but still promoted anglo culture and heritage to the extent that the acadian groups do. If a group of that sort were to arrive on the scene it could potentially influence a large number of anglo NBer’s in a very positive way while doing nothing to diminish the value and heritage of the francophone NBer’s and their culture which would by far be the best situation for the entire province.

Another Liberal caused dilemma

We are facing a dilemma in this province

Now it is my understanding that once the writ is dropped that the province could not call the legislature back to deal with emergency situations like a back to work order

TA’s in the province have been without a contract for i believe 18 months and are in a strike position.

A strike to start the school year could result in no school till after the election for at least those requiring a TA and if teachers will not cross the line this could extend to include all students.

Another liberal legacy?

the contract offered the TA’s at the last i heard was insulting and actually almost daring a strike with an offer of 0% increase over two years and a complete loss of seniority
The fact is we should not be going into any election and still leaving contracts of this nature unaddressed especially since it could lead to children being off school for as much as a month or more extra as we wait for the election to finish and the new govt (because no way will this one be returned) sworn in and able to introduce back to work legislation.
And of course there is the fact that the govt is once again allowing those who deal with our special needs children to be trampled on effectively once again attacking our most disadvantaged citizens those who through no fault of their own are not able to function on their own
Once again the liberals are leaving us a beautiful legacy.