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A Review of the Last Couple Days

Far be it from me to actually defend alwards decision to jet to Newfoundland while one of his party members who had won three consecutive elections decides to pack it in, instead of standing with him showing support for his decision.

Reality is the pure optics of this will bite him in the Ass in the end as it shows just another disconnect with the way Alward feels about the people in the trenches working to get him elected

The only bright spot in this is Alward went to visit the one premier with an 80%+ approval rating and a set of natural resources rivaling ours and we can only hope it was done for the purposes of getting some ideas of what to do with our precious resources. Even better perhaps he was going to get some idea of how to get our province off the recieving end of transfer payments.

But the reality of it was that it was to discuss energy and what he was discussing (an energy transmission deal) is something that realistically he does not have the right or ability to deal with as an opposition member and not till he is elected as premier which makes the optics of skipping Mr Leblanc’s resignation extremely bad and leads to questions being asked of whether Mr Leblanc left willingly or was he pushed out in favour of a more vibrant (or leader friendly) person

on a final note the facebook poll started yesterday was done again today

Today’s figures:
June 8
Conservatives 810 an increase of 1, at 38.9%;
PANB 696 an increares of 13, at 33.5%;
NDP 281 unchanged at 13.5%;
Liberal 225 an increase of 3 at 10.7%; and
Green Party data unavailable ( last reported 68) at 3.3 %.

and the upward trend continues

A Different Sort of “poll”

someone decided to do a tally of facebook accounts associated with various political parties to see perhaps if there was a different result then the apparent result from the CRA poll group that was released last week

the results were interesting to say the least

Conservative party of NB – 809 or 39.1%
People’s Alliance of NB – 683 or 33.1%
New Democratic Party – 281 or 13.6%
Liberal Party of NB – 222 or 10.6%
Green Party – 68 or 3.3%

this leads to a very interesting election putting the liberals behind even the NDP and the Peoples Alliance within 6 points of the conservatives

this shows a more apparent look at the disconnect between the liberal party and the population and gives a better understanding of the actual amount of following the PANB actually has

Health Care Action Plan needed

there are two major health issues in this province one of which is just barely starting to get talked about (diabetes) and another which is fundamentally ignored (autism)

Diabetes affects 74000 people in this province of that 90 percent is preventable and controllable by diet. 7400 or are type one insulin dependant diabetes requiring constant monitoring and daily shot for life

The controllable version is largely caused by poor nutrition which is usually caused by lack of decent choices due to high cost of “healthy foods”

Autism affects 1 in 91 people worldwide or again almost 7400 people province wide and generally tho not exclusively boys

these two diseases are extremely underfunded in comparison to higher profile but less common diseases like cancer and the end results can be far more expensive

both diabetes and autism are growing exponentially and unless we first develop the ability for people to control the controllable type 2 and research proper options for type one we are going to find ourselves with an aging population that will be highly susceptible to other illnesses and disease and far increased costs of care

Autism is an even greater concern because many Autistic patients are unable to care for themselves sufficiently to live on their own
this will mean as this population ages (unlike diabetes patients who often die younger then average autistism patients live a normal life span) there will be a greater and greater need for special care facilities to deal with and properly care for autisistic patients

this is going to create a massive drain on the system unless we can find a way to alleviate the symptoms and stop the rapid growth of the disease within the population

as recently as 2000 autism was found in 1 in 110 people and in 10 years it has grown to 1 in 91 which is close to a 1% increase in 10 years