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Health Care Again

Repeatedly party after party has said that they will lure more doctors to this province. One thing they forgot to tell you tho is that one part of that lure is fairly simple. To work in this province doctors need a medicare billing number and there are no available ones here. This means that unless the province actually creates new billing numbers (which it has the ability to do) then they are really doing nothing more then replacing retiring doctors and since the retiring doctors probably have fewer patients then the new doctor can handle it looks like there is open spaces when that is not really the case. What truly needs to happen is the province needs to open up sufficient billing numbers so that most of the citizens of this province would have access to doctors.

My question then is does Alward promise he is actually going to open up more billing numbers or is his “clinic idea” away around the concept of opening up billing numbers by convincing doctors to go to a central clinic format without a standard patient list therefore creating the illusion that something was done to increase the number of doctors when the reality is he is really just opening the doctors up to more patients instead of offering the citizens of this province more real doctors brought in because they opened up new billing numbers so they could actually work

My other question is why Shawn graham has not actually opened up billing numbers yet either

This is not that hard a concept and i am sure that if there were open billing numbers there would be some doctors jump at the chance to practice in our province. The shortage of doctors is in reality caused by the unwillingness of past governments to open up significant billing numbers to reduce the number of patients without an actual doctor

A Fight to the Bottom

I find as we get closer to this election that there is an interesting trend developing. That is the trend the two main parties are developing of fighting each other in a desperate bid to see who can finish lower in the standings as this election gets nearer.

We start with Graham a leader who stood tall and proud while he tried to sell this provinces utility out from underneath us, while repeatedly telling us the utility was hemorrhaging money. He has now quietly ignored the fact that for the second straight year NBpower has actually shown a profit and while the CEO of the company has admitted to lying outright about the fact to the public. Now unless he is totally incompetent he knew that this utility was not the money pig he was making it out to be and yet he ignores the fact that the details are coming out publicly.

We move to Alward who through several recent hiccups in the Con campaign has been absent leaving his MLA’s (notably Jody Carr) to try to pick up the pieces and explain away the missteps or pretend they weren’t missteps at all depending on the situation, while he hides and has nothing to say. While Jody defends his trip to NFLD Alward has said nothing, While Ashfield told Thompson that the Cons were not carrying the province on its back into the next election Alward has had nothing to say.

As we crawl through the bodies towards the next election do not be surprised to see the Libs and Cons even more violently fight to see who amongst them is going to end up with the least or even no seats come Sept. 27. Do not be surprised to see even the greens end up with more votes then either of these to parties come Sept.  It is completely within the realms of possibility to see the libs and cons post 4 and 5 place finishes in ridings and in overall votes come the day of the election. Do not be surprised to see the best thing ever happen to this province of ours. Do not be surprised to see the people of this province stand up and say you will never take advantage of us this way again.

Alwards Secret Energy Forums

Alward has decided to hold his secret energy forums and this concerns me. The aim is to develop a policy idea to take to the people sometime after the next election.

The problem with this is that his secret energy forums insiders seem to include the same people that were high on the idea of selling NBpower in the first place which means that the outcome of the meetings is likely to point to the same concept that Graham was working on which is sell at all costs and make sure that large industry gets a major rate cut in the process.

Somewhere along the lines Alward seems to have forgotten the message that was loud and clear at all the rallies held this winter and spring and that is that NBPower and any of its assets are not for sale.

This is our largest fear made real that Alward will sell out the same people that he pretended to help in a bid to get elected and will do it at the same terms or worse for the general consumer then Graham had already gotten. This cannot be allowed to happen.

If you have any intention of a real opportunity to not sell NBpower then you need to look to the PANB as they seem to be the only party that is looking at cleaning up the present mess NBpower is in and making it a viable profitable company still owned by the people of the province as it was intended to be

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber

Well today Shawn Graham decided to announce a universal drug plan for all NBer’s by 2012

My probem with this is that successive gov’ts both liberal and conservative and including Graham’s have resisted calls for a Catastrophic Drug Plan but are now going to instead bring in a universal drug plan. This makes me suspect that it is highly unlikely that even in the far fetched chance he gets reelected that he will bother actually implementing this plan.

Alward on the other hand went one better. He in the time honoured tradition of so many previous gov’ts has promised a break to a group of individuals. This time to artists, now artists in and of themselves are unlikely to be able to swing a single seat as their are not that many artists in the province, say about 1 maybe 2 percent of the population but likely less.

My issue with this is like all previous gov’ts this break is in the form of a tax credit

Well la de da exactly what good does a tax credit do to put food on the table when most tax credits this one included are generally aimed at people who do not make enough to actually pay taxes to the gov’t on an annual basis anyway.

Oh there will be a few probably less then 25% of artists will actually be able to use this credit at all and this is why gov’ts love tax credits.
It makes it look like you are doing the group a favour when in reality it usually costs you little to nothing at all.

so once again today graham promised a plan even bigger then one he had refused for the last four years as being too expensive, and alward promised a tax break to people who dont make enough money to even take advantage of it

and these are the people we pay to run our province.

Sometimes You Have to Wonder

So lets see in the last week both mainstream parties have really shown just what they are made of and it was both amusing and distressing at the same time

It also showed just how much alike the two parties really are. They really are no more then the same party with different names realistically

We will start with the vote buying checks that the Liberals were issuing. Well seems they had an unelected candidate involved in the scheme in one of the ridings they were hoping to take and the Conservatives screamed foul and called in the Chief Electoral officer… But oops it seems that last election the Conservatives did exactly the same thing with one of their candidates (and yes the Chief Electoral officer was called in then too if I remember correctly)

Next up was the Conservative trip to Nfld where Alward had a meeting with Danny Williams to try to work out a hydro deal of some sort (shouldn’t that wait till AFTER he gets elected, if he does) and all on the taxpayers dime for travel. The Liberals screamed foul this time but last election period Graham went to the states and did the exact same thing and oh yeah the Conservatives did cry foul.

Sometimes there is such a thing as knowing when to keep your mouth shut and for those two parties realistically this is what they should have done over the last week or two because it is no wonder people no longer want to vote in this province anymore if this are the choices we have