First we need a complete and full overhaul in NB Power.

I do not believe we need to remove any of those who work on the streets with perhaps the constant weeding out of those who can not or will not do their jobs (those are few but as in any company they do exist).

We do need a complete management overhaul.

We start by remerging the five separate sectors of NB power to three entities they would be: production, transmission, distribution.

Board of directors would be removed in favour of a system whereby the CEO got a generalized goal from the Minister of Energy and using what was available to implement this.

Company would operate at generally at a not for profit basis where it would pay down debt at an acceptable rate and maintain a basic “float” for upgrades, maintenance and building of new power sources as needed.

Patronage appointments would end as all hire/fires would be done by CEO with absolutely zero input from MoE or government.

Present patronage appointments in place would be examined. Those who could do the job set out for them would be retained as long as the salary was within acceptable range for the position. All others would be terminated or transferred to positions they could do (at acceptable salary ranges for the position and ability).

All present generation systems would be examined with the goal of reducing generation costs with those that could produce cheaper energy being upgraded and those which could not being slowly decommissioned and/or merged with other facilities.

The basic attempt would be to pay down debt and reduce rates.

EUB would be given sufficient teeth and freedom to do their job.

Generational division would be divided into subdivisions for accounting purposes.

They would include nuclear, hydro, fossil fuels with the options of including solar, wind and tidal subdivisions as they get added to the grid.

The fate of the nuclear division will rely completely on whether or not AECL can complete and certify the refurbishment of the Lepreau reactor. If not then an attempt, including but not limited, to lawsuits will be used to recoup the value of the damage caused from AECL.

Hydro will be examined and where possible upgraded to allow maximum efficiency with minimal impact to surrounding areas. This will include upgrading equipment, refitting dams that are close to expiry, and making sure that efficiency and safety of the facilities are at peak possible. New hydro will be examined as to feasibility.

A small experimental group will be setup within the generational division to examine the various methods of green generation available and to setup and run experimental programs to examine feasibility as well as efficiency and different options to make each work at a greener level while not increasing generational costs to an extreme amount.

Various methods of wind, solar and tidal power specifically will be examined with attempts to choose the best method for our region as well as most cost efficient both for NB Power and for the customers. If necessary the option of building our own parts will be examined for financial benefit if not cost prohibitive.