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Health Care Policy

We have multiple issues here to be investigated.

Wait times for specialists, for example, must be addressed.

1/ More specialists are required.
2/ It is necessary to determine why waits are so long and what can be done to speed up procedures.

Wait times for emergency rooms must be addressed.

1/ WALK IN clinics must operate 24 hours daily and not only not only in “after” hours.

2/ More family doctors (with the objective of reaching a sufficient number of doctors that everyone in the province has one) are required.

3/ Improved efficiency of service must address peak volume of staff at volume of patient peaks.

Proper distribution of services.

1/ There must be sufficient services in an area taking into account population and proximity to other services.

2/ Ambulance fees also must be addressed, to ensure efficient and affordable responses.

The best solution is found in the schedule that “frequent flyers” are charged a fee except when there is an actual medical emergency.

3/ Accommodations must be made for ambulance and other services to nursing
homes without charging fees to elderly or infirm patients

Special needs care in both health care and education need to be addressed and a special needs plan put in place

A catastrophic Drug plan needs to be put in place

Election Policy

Major changes are needed to election law in New Brunswick

First we need to accept that our present system has put us in a position where not everyone’s views are recognized and where we no longer have an option when our government is not doing as we wish.


1/ All voters will choose the premier by popular vote regardless of the composition of

the Legislature.
2/ Ridings will be grouped into groups of eight.
3/ In each group of eight ridings all members will choose 10 top candidates of their choice.
4/ The top four candidates will be automatically elected.
5/ The remaining four candidates will be chosen by tabulating total votes per party and dividing the seats up proportionately — with the top vote getters in each party that have not already been elected being apportioned a seat, depending on the portion of votes in that group of ridings. Each seat is worth 12.5% of the votes in the group of ridings

6/ The total seat count in the legislature will be tabulated and its percentage will determine how ministries will be divided amongst the parties.
7/ The party leaders and deputy leaders will not run in ridings. They will be elected as either premier/deputy premier, and each party leader who has at least five percent

of the popular vote will be considered to have earned a seat in the legislature for

themselves and their deputy

Public Criminal Inquiry

Democratic Revolution will be seeking a full public inquiry with the option of laying criminal charges.
This is to be undertaken regarding all contracts issued my the provincial government and will be aimed at looking at whether all facets of the contracts were done to the best advantage of the new brunswick people and …whether the contracts were done in a legal fashion

This public inquiry will include all sales of government owned properties as well as all natural resource licenses

it will also include all attempted sales of government owned properties

the judge in charge will have the option of initiating criminal charges

This criminal public inquiry will run from the period of present day to the end of the Hatfield era (to show we are not simply singling out the liberals but are looking at all events in a range of time)

Justice issues to be Addressed

A couple of justice issues have arisen in the last while that will have to be addressed if we are elected

1/ Asset Seizure without charge will be repealed
2/ Drunk Driving laws

the new drunk driving law being brought in by the liberals is lacking if the goal is to reduce drunk driving

My suggestion and what i would look at is to use the Notwithstanding Clause to put real sentences in place that would deter drunk driving

1st offence 1 year suspension to 2 years jail
2nd offence 5 year suspension and 2 to 5 year jail
3rd offence dangerous offender status automatic life in prison

Accountability Policy

True accountability can only be achieved if the law has the ability to protect those making promises from bad information and still protect the people from promises the government has no intention of keeping.

To do this a law must state:
1/ All parties participating in an election must have full access to complete and accurate financial accounting for each department including all financial obligations already in place. (In other words, basically no party should be forced to make a platform without full disclosure of exactly what they are going to have to deal with.) This information should be constantly made available to all registered parties regardless of seats in the legislature at any time. The information should also always be available to independent candidates upon request after they become a registered candidate

2/ All platform promises must be met within two years of election date, unless the promise in the platform included specific benchmarks for time (including those which involve the 3rd and 4th year).

3/ Any citizen with 20 per cent of voter turnout signatures may call for a referendum.

4/ All referendums are binding on the government.

5/ Recall elections can be forced with 20% voter turnout signatures for each riding that is at issue.

Governments that do not allow full disclosure of all finacial documents for each must face serious election penalties including possible ban from running for a set number of years.

Parties that do not live up to #2 are subject to removal from office after two years.

In the event of a minority government, #2 will be changed such that parties only have to present the legislation to the legislature within the two years to meet the criteria.

Legislation requiring the voting of the will of the constituents (as determined by monthly open meetings by each MLA in their riding) and banning the practice of voting on party lines must also be introduced.

Any party found guilty of forcing members to vote on party lines against the will of their constituents will be banned from participating in politics for 10 years.

In the event that the election policy of the Democratic Revolution is passed, then the Accountability legislation will be amended to accommodate this Election Policy by indicating that both the policy of the party holding each ministry as well as the premiers party and the dominant party in the legislature shall all be taken into account to negotiate a fair compromise.

As well all reasonable attempts will be made to present a balanced budget without seriously damaging the province’s ability to maintain basic services and meet the needs of its people.