Democratic Revolution was started in the middle of the NB Power fiasco to give people an alternative voice.

When I looked around at the various parties weighing their positions and the viability of their chances in the next election I realized that each party presently out there had a problem.

Liberals caused this and other messes in the past and were not likely to hold much power after the next election if there was the least element of a viable alternative.

Those alternatives prior to the start of the Democratic Revolution were:

Conservatives – The issues that caused the most problems there were simple. They started this mess when they prepared to sell off pieces of NB Power during the previous government. David Alward was not showing himself to be a strong leader, and it is believed by many that the titles conservative and liberal are generallyinterchangeablein this province.

NDP have a very loyal following. However they are linked to strong union ties, which alienates a large number of voters. Also there is the perception, however wrong, that they will disagree with any piece of legislation put before the legislature simply for the sake of disagreeing. The appearance of not being able to compromise on anything less than what they want, whether true or not, does damage their appeal.

Greens are considered to be connected to eco-fanatics and solely a one issue party. This may have been true at the outset. However, this party has grown over the years to the point that they have an acceptable platform Nevertheless they still must shake the old opinions. They also have not had the opportunity to have a truly charismatic leader to bring them the visibility they need.

This comparison led me to believe that we had minimal options during the next election. We were faced with hoping that the greens or NDP could change the perception of the masses, or we had to worry that we could even get another liberal win if the province did not warm to Alward.

The aim of the Democratic Revolution is two fold:

Give the people of New Brunswick an option that does not come with a background of certain behaviours or beliefs.

Develop a party whose sole aim is to return to the people of New Brunswick a more full and complete democracy than we have enjoyed in the past.