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A creative thought

i have a wild idea

i need a list of people one for EVERY RIDING not just the ones run by liberals who would put their name on a list

get a petition of a large number of names and basically say to all sitting MLA’s your fired AS OF NOW and we are your replacements

i will lead the effort and take riding of MONCTON NORTH

who is in

Additional Messes

i wonder if in the process of all of this mess with the NBPower sale and the interesting info coming out of the Montreal gazette today we may have missed another slimeball trick from the Liberals

they have announced today the privatization of yet another crown corporation
they are now privatizing our community colleges
the board of directors will include political appointees
another dumping ground for political favorites and another group capable of damaging another section of our resources because people with no concept of what they are doing are going to be put in to do the governments bidding while the government can say they are not involved

to avoid this mess in the future

to avoid the mess caused by this government in the future i have an idea

it is a combination of MMP and direct election

direct election:

premier is chosen by all candidates in a direct vote for premier the other party leaders will sit in opposition as party leaders as long as they achieve a 5% vote share


ridings are grouped into 8s with 5 seats chosen by popular vote and the remaining three apportioned by percentages to balance as close to actual voting percentages as possible

the actual formula is complex and i can discuss it if you wish but it is not a short setup

A few questions i have

All these companies that need this deal to stay competitive. I wonder just how many of them are on the corporate welfare rolls year after year after year

I am not one to ignore job losses however you do have to question whether specific individual companies need all the handouts

looked at from a different perspective if there are 15 companies in the province doing the same thing and 5 of them folded. all the contracts held by those 5 companies would be spread between the remaining 10 depending on who bids on what and who gets what contracts.

those companies would have to pick up at least some employees to get the job done meaning job loss would not be total

more importantly the 10 companies left would function more efficiently

now look at the overall picture

in this province there are many surplus companies or businesses who are glutted in certain areas without a sufficient customer base to support them, if some of them closed or consolidated the increase in revenue would mean less corporate welfare

it would also mean that when a new business looks at this province they no longer see a bunch of companies who can barely make ends meet and it would make this province look more appealing

artificially dropping industries rates does nothing but extend further this provinces corporate welfare status

a bit of fun

Bring the government to its knees
Action is required to
Stop this undemocratic action we all need to
Take to the streets and
Actively fight this if we want to
Really send a message
Don’t let them get away with
Selling NB Power

from myles higgins on the NO to Sale of NB Power facebook group