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Is the second deal better or worse

while i am completely against selling our public utility to quebec there are a few specific issues i am concerned about with the new deal

1/ all rate relief is set to the rich and powerful none to the small or individual

2/ we own the transmission lines and distribution but not the power therefore are we guaranteed the power to sell

3/ the EUB can control the prices customers pay but can they control the price it is sold to the distribution network at meaning could this deal actually create a bankruptcy situation to the distribution network

someone mentioned something that i had felt in the past this government merited

we as a province “do not” have a right of recall

i am curious whether a court would feel that this is a proper procedure

it would be interesting if we could get a court to order a recall using the legislation available in the one (?) province that does have that option

and also have them force legislation to make recalls accessible

Interesting trend appearing

I have looked around to see what i could see for news

now i will give a bit of a personal thought to what i see happening

it is extremely rare that you see politicians in a ruling party speak out against their parties actions

the two main people involved lamrock and burke while not loved by any means are high profile and generally considered inner circle types

for two people of this caliber to be publicly saying this and naming names of others it says that the feelings against this deal could be extremely high even amongst elected liberals

i feel there is a strong possibility that if the new deal does not see wide spread public support quickly that it is likely that anyone but shaun graham could be leading the liberals during the september 27th election

again i am not surprised to see people being blinded by party loyalty being upset by someone who is standing up for the principles of what they believe

Mr Duguay has asked mr alward to commit to tearing up this deal if he is elected and mr alward refuses

mr alward’s own party tried to sell nbpower when they were in charge so i ask why it is a stretch to believe that they would do it again if they were in charge again

i think a serious question needs to be framed

would mr alward agree to sign a legal document in front of a judge quaranteeing his party will not sell any government owned corporation without first holding a referendum on the matter

i personally think he would refuse because i believe if he had the option he would stab us in the back and sell nb power again no matter how hard he “fights” for our right to have a say in the matter

do not turn your back on mr duguay because i do think he is right by saying he will support the party that will agree to tear up the agreement

mr alwards refusal to support that position should be a sharp warning to all

Repeal the entire last four years?

an interesting side thought

how hard would it be for a new government to repeal the entire graham government and start fresh

i know it is off the wall but it is a thought i particularily like after all the various messes he has made for us to clean up